• Basic care, including but not limited to spay and neuter surgeries, deworming, grooming, flea treatments, vaccinations, or routine veterinary care. Pet owners are personally responsible for these basic expenses.
  • Any bills already paid or procedures already in progress. TBFMD cannot reimburse anyone for veterinary expenses already paid. Even if you have not yet paid your bill, if the procedure has been performed or is in progress we cannot cover the bill. Even if the procedure/treatment is performed after the application has already been sent to us, if the application has not yet been approved for funding, we will not be able to fund the procedure.
  • If the applicant is already on the wait list and the procedure needs to be performed sooner than the funding is available, the bill cannot be covered. Emergency procedures will be considered on a case-by-case basis and on the availability of funding.
  • Rescue dogs. The only animals covered by The Buddy Foundation of Maryland are permanent adoptions already made. Anyone wishing to apply for funds to treat stray animals must state in writing to The Buddy Foundation of Maryland and to the treating veterinarian that they intend to keep the animal and provide a workable financial plan for caring for the animal in the future. However, these animals will receive lower priority than dogs in established homes of two or more years, so these cases may face a lengthy wait for funding.
  • Dogs owned by breeders.
  • Foster dogs.
  • The cost of vet visits for dogs who have not yet been seen by a veterinarian. Applicants must already have taken their animals to a veterinarian for diagnosis and must have a written estimate for the needed procedures.
  • Diagnostic expenses.
  • Declawing, ear cropping, or debarking surgeries. The Buddy Foundation of Maryland strongly discourages these practices and will not fund these procedures under any circumstances.
  • The Buddy Foundation of Maryland is not a lifetime assistance program. If you will require monetary assistance for medication or care for the life of your pet, please explore different assistance options.

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