• Basic Care –You must be able to provide basic care for your dog. This includes not only food and permanent shelter, but also basic veterinary care when needed. Applicants who are not able to provide basic care for their dogs will be encouraged to seek out appropriate adoptive homes for them.
  • Income –You must have a source of income. Eligible sources of income include unemployment insurance, SSI Benefits, or earned income. You must provide proof of your source of income, either in the form of copies of pay stubs or a copy of your benefit award letter. You will be asked to provide this at the time of your application.
  • Owner responsibility – Your treating veterinarian will be asked about your demonstrated responsibility in caring for your companion animals. Since one of the greatest benefits of funding from The Buddy Foundation of Maryland is keeping dogs out of shelters–providing funds to irresponsible owners would not accomplish this goal.
  • Veterinarian phone consult – The participating veterinarian will be required to consult with The Buddy Foundation of Maryland’s staff regarding the dog’s diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended treatment.
  • Please note – No monetary awards are given directly to individuals. The Buddy Foundation of Maryland only sends funding directly to the treating veterinarians after application approval and upon completion of treatment/procedure. Funding resources are limited.  The Buddy Foundation of Maryland does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, or race and reserves the right to deny funding to anyone for any reason.

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