Our families are special to us. We celebrate each and every dog cured and sent home with their families for more years of life and love.

Recovery and wellness for canine companions is the goal–take a look at the little ones celebrating both, and how they got there.

*Please note: securing care is contingent on the assessment of circumstances, need, and the ability to meet requirements set forth by both veterinarian and foundation. Plans for securing care may vary. All applicants are required to make a monetary contribution.

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Finley Hudson

Finley is a Boxer who had cancer and needed an amputation to relieve her pain and give her a chance at additional years of life. We took Fin for her 3 month scan and she is still cancer free! Also, she gained all her weight back. We took her last week for family photos and she drug me down the street, I would say she is loving life!

Finley’s vet team: Perry Hall Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $1,000.00


We will forever be grateful for the assistance that The Buddy Foundation provided Bailey. She is doing really well. Your foundation made it possible for her to keep on trucking on with her pal Zach, and for that I am so very appreciative.

Bailey’s vet team: Falls Road Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $1,000.00


Lucho is a Miniature Shepherd who came all the way from El Salvador and suffered traumatic injury when he was hit by a car. He received hydrotherapy and a cart to help him get around.

Lucho’s vet team: Perry Hall Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $693.00

Wade Dorman

Wade is doing really well. He is on supplemental type of liquid vitamins we researched and found the results have been very positive for dogs. He celebrated his 7th bday on the 24th of June with a b-day cookout and ice cream cake with his family.

Wade had his first round of chemo this past Monday. He did well after and will go back for his next round in a couple of weeks. He will receive three to four treatments of chemo every 3 weeks. We also have him in rehab treatment which consists of water therapy, massages (his favorite part of course LOL) and other exercises to help better his mobility, helps his muscles to stay strong, aides his flexibility and keeps him healthy. His therapist Mike is great as is Dr. Pearson who he sees for chemo. Wade is having chemo and therapy treatments at Dr. Pooya’s facility in Frederick.

Update: Wade’s cancer has continued to spread in his lungs and he now has more cancer growing in his leg. Wade is being kept comfortable with pain medication and love from his family.

Wade’s vet team: Swan Harbor Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $1,000.00


I want to take the time to thank The Buddy Foundation of Maryland for their generosity. In the beginning of June, I found out that my 5 year old pit bull Honey needed to have a TPLO surgery. TBFMD has helped me not only financially, but their team is truly kind. I also want to give a special shout out to Erin. She has continuously called and texted about Honey and has asked how she is doing. She provided excellent moral support on my end as well. Thanks for all you do TBFMD, and for being there for Honey and our family.

The Wilson Family

Honey’s vet team: Perry Hall Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $700.00

Eos Smith

Eos is a Great Dane who was in need of gastropexy. Four days after treatment, Eos started feeling better and has been by her mom’s side ever since.

Eos’s vet team: Perry Hall Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $753.00

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