Our families are special to us. We celebrate each and every dog cured and sent home with their families for more years of life and love.

Recovery and wellness for canine companions is the goal–take a look at the little ones celebrating both, and how they got there.

*Please note: securing care is contingent on the assessment of circumstances, need, and the ability to meet requirements set forth by both veterinarian and foundation. Plans for securing care may vary. All applicants are required to make a monetary contribution.

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Macie Scofield

Macie is a Poodle who needed a Femoral Head Osteotomy for acute hip pain and compromised mobility.

Macie’s vet team: Light Street Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $300.00

Zazu Connor

Zazu is a Pit Bull who received TPLO surgery for chronic joint pain and compromised mobility.

Zazu’s vet team: Maryland Vet Surgical
TBFMD Award: $837.00

Lucy Khalabari

Lucy is a Bichon Frise who needed a Cystostomy. “Melinda, my mom and I are just speechless and beyond grateful! I don’t know how to thank you and your team.”

Lucy’s vet team: Fields Road Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $1000.00

Thanos Odachowski

Thanos is a Corgi who was suffering with an abdominal obstruction. “I can’t thank you guys enough for the support you provided!”

Thanos’ vet team: Everhart Veterinary Hospital
TBFMD Award: $835.00

Sadie Pappafotis

Sadie had two tumors that needed to be removed and biopsied. Her owner was on disability and without the funds to care for Sadie when she reached out to TBFMD.

Sadie’s vet team: Muddy Creek Animal Hospital
TBFMD award: $429.53

Tyr Kunkel

Tyr was suffering with an obstruction that had his owners scrambling to find help and running against the clock. TBFMD rallied hard for the family with a Facebook campaign, assistance funds, and by reaching out to veterinary “buddy,” Huffard Animal Hospital to schedule surgery. (Facebook recommendation)

Tyr’s vet team: Huffard Animal Hospital
TBFMD award: $1583.52 (including Facebook matching funds)

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