Our families are special to us. We celebrate each and every dog cured and sent home with their families for more years of life and love.

Recovery and wellness for canine companions is the goal–take a look at the little ones celebrating both, and how they got there.

*Please note: securing care is contingent on the assessment of circumstances, need, and the ability to meet requirements set forth by both veterinarian and foundation. Plans for securing care may vary. All applicants are required to make a monetary contribution.

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Mochi Richardson

Mochi was suffering with an obstruction that was threatening to worsen fast. The team at Spay Now quickly took Mochi in their care while TBFMD worked with his owner to pull the funds together and save his life.

Mochi’s vet team; Spay Now
TBFMD award: $780

Luka Ferrigno

Luka was suffering with limited mobility and chronic pain associated with the need for ACL repair. He was paired with veterinary “buddy,” Shiloh Veterinary Hospital for surgical care.

Luka’s vet team: Shiloh Veterinary Hospital
TBFMD award: $1000

Zoey Pacheco

Zoey is a Pit Bull who was diagnosed with a mammary gland tumor that was cancerous. Early intervention and TBFMD support enabled a full, cancer-free recovery!

Zoey’s vet team: Eastern Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $1,000.00

Princeton Carson

Princeton is a Boston Terrier who suffered with an anal hernia. Now he’s bright-eyed, comfortable, and happy.

Princeton’s vet team: Light Street Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $300.00

Duke Lentz

Duke was a Rottweiler mix who suffered with hip and joint pain. He had a femoral head osteotomy to relieve the pain and offer him better, pain-free mobility to run and play.

Duke’s vet team: Light Street Animal Hospital
TBFMD Award: $700.00

Clyde Granville

Clyde is a Bulldog who suffered a traumatic injury running in the yard. He stepped down into a small hole that shattered his front leg. The damage could not be repaired and Clyde became TBFMD’s first tripod. He still loves to chase balloons and is super good at it!

Clyde’s vet team: Dr. Pooya
TBFMD Award: $1,000.00

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