Our families are special to us. We celebrate each and every dog cured and sent home with their families for more years of life and love.

Recovery and wellness for canine companions is the goal–take a look at the little ones celebrating both, and how they got there.

*Please note: securing care is contingent on the assessment of circumstances, need, and the ability to meet requirements set forth by both veterinarian and foundation. Plans for securing care may vary. All applicants are required to make a monetary contribution.

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Little Man Schultz

Words from the owner, Sherry: “I can’t thank you enough for helping with my boy’s care. You’re an absolute Godsend.”
We helped his family through a traumatic injury…he was attacked by another dog, was losing a lot of blood, and needed extensive stitching up across his chest.

Vet Team: Everhart Veterinary Hospital

TBFMD award: $490


Teddy Ricks

Teddy is a 3-year-old Shih Tzu who suffered a traumatic injury and was left with a broken pelvic bone. Erdman Animal Hospital took care of Teddy and he’s good as new.

Vet Team: Erdman Animal Hospital

TBFMD award: $1000


Gator Brenneman

Gator is a 3 ½- year-old  Staffordshire Terrier/Lab mix who was in need of TPLO surgery and was suffering limited mobility. We understand he’s feeling better but still has some recovering to do.

Vet Team: Sylos Sports Medicine

TBFMD award: $1000

Bailey LaDue Tousley

Bailey is a 1 ½ Chihuahua that had an undescended testicle. Bailey is “very smart and very loving,” according to his “mom.” We think he most certainly is. He’s on the mend just in time for spring!

Vet Team: Chadwell Animal Hospital

TBFMD award: $235.37


Vet Team: Spay Now

TBFMD award: $370



Holly Jones

Holly was suffering from a few small masses on her paws that were painful and becoming infected. The Eastern Animal Hospital fixed Holly right up–she is on her way to feeling better already!

Vet Team: Eastern Animal Hospital 

TBFMD award: $1000


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