The Buddy Foundation of Maryland will consider funding requests for spayed or neutered domestic canine companion animals. We will NOT cover farm animals, animals owned by breeders, or animals used for research or commercial purposes of any kind. If applicants to The Buddy Foundation of Maryland are discovered to be using animals for illegal fighting purposes, we will provide the information to law enforcement agencies and assist in the prosecution of these illegal activities.

  • Applicants Must Provide Care Promptly – Your dog’s medical needs cannot have been neglected past all reasonable time for treatment. Applicants are responsible for making arrangements for getting their companion animals treated within a reasonable time frame, regardless of the financial situation. Sometimes this involves making very difficult decisions, but the best interests of the companion animal will be our only consideration.
  • Preventative – Applicants whose companion animals are ill due to neglected preventative care will not be considered for funding. For example, if a dog has heartworm disease because the owner neglected to provide preventative care, the applicant will not be eligible. However, if the applicant adopted a dog not knowing the animal already had heartworm, the applicant would be eligible for consideration (providing the treatment could wait the length of the current wait list).
  • Results – While the application process is in part based on the subjective judgment of veterinarians and our staff, we feel these basic guidelines are clear, unbiased, and necessary, and we will make the most ethical decisions possible with the information we have in each circumstance.

*Please note: TBFMD requires dogs be spayed or neutered. If the treating veterinarian deems spay/neuter medically safe, the dog owner will be required to agree to the spay/neuter at the time of surgery/treatment in order to qualify for funding.