The Buddy Foundation of Maryland (TBFMD) provides need-based financial assistance for the benefit of dog owners. When serious veterinary care is needed beyond routine care, TBFMD offers assistance. Please note that our maximum award amount is $1,000 and is payable only to the veterinarian performing the treatment/procedure. The following criteria is used to determine the awarding of monetary assistance:

  • The financial need of the dog owner. Please be prepared to provide proof of income. This can be a copy of two recent check stubs, unemployment benefit letters, disability benefit letters, or a copy of your recent tax return.
  • The opinion of the treating veterinarian as to the medical necessity, urgency, and prognosis for the treatment needed. Please provide a written cost/estimate of the procedure that needs to be done.
  • The demonstrated ability of the dog owner to take responsibility for his/her animal.
  • After consulting the veterinarian to assess the urgent care needs of the dog, TBF will also assess the dog owner’s ability and willingness to maintain the pet’s care in the future. The Buddy Foundation of Maryland will then determine the level of funding to be provided.